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Richard Tucker

Soulful Guitar
Music is my soul my soul is music
My guitar is my voice
My instrument of choice
The tempo of the guitar
Moves my spirit stirs my soul
While the music unfolds
A song in my head
It sings classic jazz country and blues
Tunes that feed your hunger
When there’s a full bright moon
I am the music I am the chords that play a soothing melody
When the days are strenuous and long
Each note shines through with colors of happiness
That spring forth with every pluck of the strings
Ushering in beautiful melodies
That Mother Nature sings
The calmness those melodies bring
Music is my soul
My soul is music
Lifting the spirits of those whose
Lives have been unfolding from demise and despair
The rhythm comforts them
Saying there’s nothing to fear music is always hear
Embrace the sound that shakes the earth’s inner core
Listen as it opens the soul windows and doors
I am the old tunes from Miles Satchmo and Count Basie
Those who walked before me
The ones who shaped and made me
I am Ella, Sarah, Billie also known as Lady Day
Bluesy in the way my guitar delivers the message
I have to say
Tunes that make the body sway
Side to side
A musical glide that
Rings in side of you mind
Sounds that help the spirit unwind
Music is my soul
My soul is music
Creating a landscape
Filled with hues groves that stimulate the body
Tickles the senses with euphoric rhythm
Musical highs
I am the blues like Robert Johnson
BB & Bessie oh how they blessed me
The y told stories with blues
I can only imaging walking in their shoes
Their lyrics had rhyme
That stood the test of time
Music that lives forever
Music that never dies
It is the music in my guitar
That keeps me alive
Music is my soul
My soul is my music
MTease 4/20/17