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Buy Picture Framing Spacers

Planning on framing with glass, but no mat? Prevent your art, photos and prints from sticking to the glass!  Spacers also create clearance for framing fragile art which…

Diffferent ways to hang pictures

Interior Designer Tanya Griffin is a recent client of Foursticks Picture Framing, check out her post on some creative ways to hang!

Mounting, Mats, Glazing and Spacers.. oh My!

Many people have questions about “the best” or “proper” method or look for framing a particular art piece. The frame, mat, backing, mounting method, glass or acrylic, spacers,…

Time and the Elements

Naturally weathered and distressed picture frames are probably my favorite frame style.. For me, nothing matches the unpretentious character, neutrality, and natural beauty of a weathered gray wood patina….

More stone and rust

Same frame as featured in my previous post, but varnished and cut and joined to size. This was a difficult profile to work with because the cement wants…

Stone and rust

I’ve been working on some interesting new frame finishes for my client Larry Manning’s original pastel series. It’s a medium I mixed up using cement, water based polyurathane…


Some examples of fillets used with frames and mats..

Float Frame Conversion

With a float frame, the edge of the paintng is not covered by the lip of the frame. This is a nice look for any panel painting, but…