I’ve recently been working on framing 40×52″ prints for photographer Matthew Welch.  Matt had the idea to mount paper prints to canvas, then display them without glass in white canvas float frames.

We tried mounting the prints directly to the canvas but got mixed results, about half the prints wrinkled and were ruined, so we decided to start mounting to board, then mounting the board to the canvas. This worked out much better, although we still had one print showing a ripple pattern. This was likely due to the fact that the canvas arcs-in from the pressure of the mount, which causes the mount board to arc as well, putting unusual stress on the mounted print.  On that one, I mounted the print to the board, waited the recommended and ussual 15 min, then mounted the board to the canvas.  It looked great for about 24 hrs but then ripples appeared. So, after that I began using more adhesive, and pressing the mounted print on the board for no less than 30 min.  So far three prints done this way came out great and are holding up.

This is a very unusual way to display paper prints, as they are completely exposed to UV lite and humidity, completely vulnerable to being touched, bumped and splattered. They cant even be dusted without putting wear on the print.  However it is probably the most authentic way to display a print, and anyone wishing to purchase one could of course have it framed with glass if they choose.

This is one of the most challenging framing jobs I’ve ever had ,and so also one of the most satisfying. Matt had enquired with a couple other frame shops but they said they couldn’t do it.  But jobs like this keep my work fresh and exciting, and so I’m glad Matt found Four Sticks Picture Framing!

You can see these on display at Pacific Coast Gallery in Hermosa Beach, Ca.