Stone and rust

I’ve been working on some interesting new frame finishes for my client Larry Manning’s original pastel series.

Stone finish frame and rust fillet created by foursticks.

Stone finish frame and rust fillet created by foursticks.

It’s a medium I mixed up using cement, water based polyurathane and lot’s of sanding. I can get  a variety of different looks depending on how I apply the cement and how I sand it. Acrylic paint can be added to the mix, varnish the final coat, or leave it raw.

The acrylic fillet was a new idea too, very difficult because i had to cut and finish entirely by hand and a little help from a grinder. The goal was to allow some translucence, but not make it look like a neon light. I think it makes for a nice line myself, and sorta unique too.

I tried to do a purple version but discovered the acrylic scrap material I use needs to be a consistant  brand, one of the lengths would not polish up like the others.

The rust fillets are very interesting, I sanded rust off of old metal and mixed it with laqure, then applied. After it dried.I misted with water and added salt. It fused the rust power into an almost solid material, almost completely smooth when sanded enough. .I expect I’ll try an entire frame finished with rust at some point.

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  1. Jon, your website looks great. I didn’t sell this series, I decided to enjoy them hanging in my home for now. For me they provide a good vibe. I like the idea of a frame complementing a painting. I look forward to collaborating with you again.

  2. Thanks LT, Wait until you see my coffee and berry stains..

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